Chat Rooms

This is a list of Stack Exchange chat rooms where SmokeDetector posts reports, and/or listens for commands. Also indicated here are any rooms in which the metasmoke user will post messages, which includes indicating when the first feedback of each type was received by metasmoke for a post.

Site-specific reports are sent to:

Universal, cross site reports are sent to:

* This room has a 5-minute delay before posting reports, and if the post is deleted or has false-positive feedback within the waiting period, it is not posted.

** Posts caught solely with experimental reasons (e.g. watched keywords) are posted in this room.

*** If a report is marked as a false positive from feedback within this room (i.e. an fp message) within the 2-minute period to edit/delete messages, the message will be deleted.

**** Posts with offensive titles will not have their titles masked (i.e. replaced with “potentially offensive title - see MS for details”), and the actual titles will be posted in this room.

***** Messages from metasmoke are posted in this room.

Commands are accepted from:

Moderators and privileged users:

Moderators only:

SmokeDetector also uses

See also

Everything here is distilled from the contents of the rooms.yml file, which controls which rooms SmokeDetector and the metasmoke user communicate with. The format for the rooms.yml file is documented here.