Rooms configuration

The Wiki page explains the following:

File structure

The file is a yaml/yml markdown file which has 3 sections, one for each chat domain:

Each section contains the following structure:

<chat host>:
  <room id>:
    commands: true/false,
    watcher: true/false,
      - <role string...>
      - ...

      - <user id...>
      - ...


Configuring rooms for development

During development, you probably want to avoid posting a bunch of reports and debug messages to our main rooms. In this case, you can set up a custom rooms.yml file to configure where Smokey will post messages.

Simply create a file named rooms_custom.yml, and fill it in using the format described above. If you need a spare room to test in, we have one available for your use:

If you don’t want Smokey to post any chat messages, you can simply leave the file blank.