Rooms configuration

The Wiki page explains the following:

File structure

The file is a yaml/yml markdown file which has 3 sections, one for each chat domain:

Each section contains the following structure:

<chat host>:
  <room id>:
    commands: true/false,
    watcher: true/false,
      - <role string...>
      - ...

      - <user id...>
      - ...


Configuring rooms for development

During development, you probably want to avoid posting a bunch of reports and debug messages to our main rooms. In this case, you can set up a custom rooms.yml file to configure where Smokey will post messages.

Simply create a file named rooms_custom.yml, and fill it in using the format described above. If you need a spare room to test in, we have one available for your use:

If you are going to do testing which will result in the bot posting a lot of messages to chat, it’s preferred that you reduce the possibility of SmokeDetector becoming rate-limited. You can do this by, preferably, using a different bot account for your testing. If you need to use the SmokeDetector account, please use a room on, as that is the Stack Exchange chat server which gets the lightest traffic from SmokeDetector.

If you don’t want Smokey to post any chat messages, you can simply leave the file blank.