7. Further Privileges: Core

When you’ve been working within Charcoal for a while, there are further levels of privileges that you may be interested in getting. For most people, the first of these is Core.

What does Core give you?

The Core role is intended to mark out who our core contributors are. Primarily, it gives you access to a bunch of new tools within metasmoke. Secondarily, your account is also prioritised for autoflagging - a proportion of the autoflags on each post are reserved for core users.

How do you get it?

The Core role is granted, and potentially removed, manually by metasmoke admins. There’s no specific criteria which must be met. It’s granted when the admins feel that it’s appropriate, based on the person’s contributions to the project. While admins can remove the Core role, it’s rarely done, even if the person takes a hiatus from the project.

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