Process for blacklist removal

If you’re a website owner and have noticed that your site/product is on our blacklist, then this is the appropriate process to follow to have it removed.

Some general notes:

Blacklist removal process

  1. File a request for your site/product to be removed from our blacklists by creating a new issue on the SmokeDetector repository.
  2. You must demonstrate that:
    • You are an official representative of the website/product in question (proof required)
    • You or any other website administrator are not responsible for past spam on Stack Exchange, and have put measures in place to prevent or condemn future attempts to spam SE.
  3. We (Charcoal) will decide whether to initiate the removal process. If the removal of the site is directly contrary to our project goal or harms our spam checks in terms of functionality/performance, we may deny the request.
  4. If the blacklisted item has not been caught in any confirmed spam post on Stack Exchange in the last six months, it will be demoted to the watch list.
  5. If the item is not caught for another two months, it will be removed from the watch list.
  6. If the item is caught again during or after the removal, our standard blacklisting procedures will still apply, and you cannot request to remove the item from our blacklist again.