Comments can be added to a post on metasmoke to note any related information of importance. For example, they can be used to:

Comments can be created in two ways: directly on metasmoke, and via SmokeDetector:

Adding comments to a post on metasmoke

Note: metasmoke review privileges required

At the bottom of the post on metasmoke (below the domains section), there is an ‘Add Comment’ button. Type your message in the text field and press the big blue ‘Add Comment’ button. Limited Markdown is supported.

+ Add Comment

Adding comments via chat

Note: SmokeDetector review privileges required, and your metasmoke account must be linked to your chat profile.

If you reply to any report posted by SmokeDetector in chat, some or all of your message will be automatically added as a comment on metasmoke.

Note that you must reply to the report itself, not the feedback message.

Viewing comments

Comments on a post will appear underneath the domains section and above the ‘add comment’ button.

Two comments discussing conflicting feedback on a post

The number of comments will also be displayed next to the post record in any lists of posts:

Several posts with comments attached