These are the people who make it all work. People in bold have credentials to run SmokeDetector, including metasmoke integration tokens. People with (RO) after their names are room owners.

If you’re wondering who you should talk to about something, there’s a guide for that.


These people get pinged a lot. They all have administrative access on metasmoke and the GitHub organisation.


These people have at some point contributed code of some variety, whether it be to Smokey, MS, or a userscript. If you’re wondering why you’re not on the list, there’s a threshold at play here to stop the list getting too long.

Spam checks maintainers

These people help out by adding to and maintaining the miles of regexes and blacklists which do all the heavy lifting in detecting spam.

Team Members

These people contribute in other ways, such as flagging, giving feedback, making the rest of us laugh, and being all-round cool people.