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Undeleted Posts

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Description & Usage

This route provides a list of posts that have not been recorded as being deleted. (Technically, this means posts that don’t have a DeletionLog record associated with them.) Be aware: being listed on this route does not necessarily mean that the post is not deleted, only that we didn’t record a deletion. Due to system design limitations, we don’t always record a post being deleted. You should also check for deletion by attempting to fetch the post from Stack Exchange.



GET /api/posts/undeleted HTTP/1.1


    "id": 88844,
    "title": "Should I switch/rollover my IRA to a Gold IRA at Regal Assets?",
    "body": "<truncated>",
    "link": "//money.stackexchange.com/a/86039",
    "site_id": 31,
    "user_link": "https://money.stackexchange.com/users/63591/viktor",
    "username": "Viktor",
    "why": "Body - Position 203-214: wixsite.com, Position 275-286: wixsite.com Post - Keyword *visit my blog* with link <a href="https://goldirainvestments3.wixsite.com/blog"",
    "user_reputation": 1,
    "stack_exchange_user_id": 77713,
    "is_tp": false,
    "is_fp": false,
    "is_naa": false,
    "deleted_at": null