Posts by URLs

Route Name

Posts by URLs

Route URL

GET  /api/posts/urls
POST /api/posts/urls

Description & Usage

This route provides a way to access posts without having their metasmoke IDs; instead, you can use the URL to the post.

Pass a semicolon-delimited list of URLs to the posts in the urls query string parameter. Each URL must follow a specific format to match a post successfully. For questions, the URL should look like this:


For answers, the URL should be akin to this:


In each case, replace the site and post ID with the correct values for your targeted post. The ID in this case is the Stack Exchange ID, not the metasmoke ID.

This route supports both GET and POST requests, for the event that your list of URLs is too long for a GET.



HTTP/1.1 GET /api/posts/urls?urls=//


    "items": [{  
        "title":"It is well known that you should",
        "username":"Yusef Hamid",
        "why":"Body - Position 417-433:\nPost - Link at end:\u003c/a\u003e",
        "is_naa": false,
        "revision_count": 0,
        "deleted_at": null,
        "smoke_detector_id": null,
        "autoflagged": {
            "flagged": false,
            "names": [],
            "users": [],
        "count_tp": 2,
        "count_fp": 0,
        "count_naa": 0,
        "manual_flags": {
            "users": [],
        "feedbacks": [
            "feedback_type": "tpu-",
            "user_name": "Ferrybig"
            "feedback_type": "tpu-",
            "user_name": "JamesENL"
        "reason_weight": 196
    "has_more": false